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About Our Programs

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Recreational and Competitive

Our Jazz classes include instruction on classic foundation techniques and also incorporates more modern styles of Jazz such as the popular 'Street Jazz'.

In this class, you can expect to work on flexibility and achieving all three splits; tricks such as Pirouettes, Fouette turns, a la second turns, Chain turns, and Pose/Pique turns, extensions, Develops and Battement.



No mandatory classes for Jazz, however it is highly recommended that you take Ballet as it is the foundation of all other dance disciplines.

Acro and Tumbling

Recreational and Competitive

Acro dance incorporates gymnastics, tumbling, contortion, and flexibility with Jazz dance, to create a new performance style. We focus on creating a solid foundation from the beginning so that all dancers can accomplish larger skills safely at higher levels!  

At 360 Dance Project, we follow the Acrobatique Syllabus. You can expect to learn tricks such as hand-balancing and walking, cartwheels, front and back walkovers, front and back handsprings, front and side aerials, and more!


No Mandatory Classes for Rec. Classes

Competition Students must take Jazz.


Why the need to take Jazz?  Acro is a combination of Jazz and Gymnastics, you must have a good foundation in Jazz for our competition numbers.


Recreational and Competitive

This class is a bi-weekly rotation of Lyrical and Contemporary instruction to optimize your learning experience in both genres.


Contemporary class will use the techniques and ideas of the classical movement including those of Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Horton, in combination with the current movement inspired by Travis Wall, Stacey Tookey, Mia Michaels, and many others.


In the Lyrical portion of this class, we will use Ballet and Jazz techniques to explore this genre through storytelling, movement, and expression. 



No Mandatory Classes for Recreational

Mandatory Classes for Competitive students.

  • Ballet or Jazz




Ballet is the foundation of dance. At 360 Dance Project, we follow the Ballet syllabus of R.A.D (Royal Academy of Dance) without doing the ballet exam work. Ballet provides technical training Ballet also provides more than just a dance education. It provides education on musical timing, performance quality and knowledge of terms.


This class focuses on:

  • Turn out, flexibility, and strength

  • Proper technique

  • Ballet Choreography

Pre-requisites:​ No Mandatory Classes for Ballet



In this class, we will focus on Ballet Technique and exercises to work on strengthening feet, ankles, calves, hamstrings, core, and turn-out to prep for Pointe work.


At the beginning of the year, pointe shoes are not required. As the class progresses throughout the year select dancers will be invited to purchase Soft Block shoes. These shoes are worn to train dancers for Pointe without being allowed to go fully up on the block. You must be 12 years and up to get up on pointe  


Pre-requisites:​ Ballet classes are mandatory for Pre-Pointe


Recreational and Competitive

This class teaches rhythm, coordination, and musicality. Our tap classes are based on the ADAPT syllabus and freestyle work. 


Pre-requisites:​ No Mandatory Classes for Tap

Hip Hop

Recreational and Competitive

In this groovy street dance class, you will learn different styles of Hip Hop. you will tough on House, Breaking, Popping&Locking, Jazz Funk, Tutting and more.


No mandatory Classes for Hip Hop

Musical Theatre

Recreational and Competitive


You will learn the foundations of acting, performance, singing, and dancing in this fun, performance-based class.  This class is designed to follow classic repertoires from Broadway, as well as original creations from our fabulous Musical Theatre teacher.

Pre-requisites:​ No mandatory classes for Musical Theatre but it is recommended that students take also take Jazz

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